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About Me

I am a researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering at UCLA. I received my Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UCLA in December 2016; I was fortunate to have had Prof. Lara Dolecek as an advisor. I am part of the LORIS Laboratory

Before joining UCLA, I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

My academic CV and my industry resume.

My dissertation, Algorithms and Coding Techniques for Reliable Data Management and Storage.

Research Interests

My interests are broadly related to the reliability of data. I am interested in questions about how to reliably store data on unreliable hardware, how to protect data from noise and uncertainty, how to reconstruct/reconcile data that has already been modified or corrupted, and how to design algorithms that can tolerate unreliable input data.

My approach to these problems involves tools from many disciplines: information theory, error-correcting codes, statistical learning, algorithms, combinatorics and optimization. Projects I have worked on include:

What's New